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    March 1, 2008

    Welcome Students!

    Throughout life, you will have many experiences with computers.  This site will help you learn the basics of logging on and off, opening and saving documents, changing FONT, and adding ClipArt.  Each page will give you instructions, so click on an image or use the navigation menu and HAVE FUN!


     display-128x128.png  password-128x128.png  file-new-128x128.png  fonts-128x128.png  appearance-128x128.png  folder-doc-128x128.png

    What do you know?        Login Information        Opening Documents         Changing FONT            Inserting Clip Art          Saving Documents


    In order to help me teach you all better during our computer time, please click on the "What do you know?" page and complete the survey.  When you finish the survey, click the 'Continue' link and it will bring you back to this class page.


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